Tuesday, May 26, 2015

40 Mori Girl Summer Activities

Summer is here! That means less layers and a lot of heat beating down on you. Where I live, summer is everyday, so I'm quite used to it.
However, the heat isn't all that bad. You get the chance to wear big sun hats, tie your hair up in cute pony tails, and to dress in Hama Kei. If you didn't know, Hama Kei  is a cousin related fashion of Mori Kei (Hama 海辺  means "Seashore" in Japanese), but with a beach theme. Read more about Hama Kei here.

On a side note: A friend of mine gave me a bag of star shaped sand called foraminifera. They're absolutely gorgeous and she found them on one of the beaches here. I'm definitely going to get more star sand and put them in a special jar.
As a forest dweller, you wonder what are some things a mori girl can do during the summer. I have created a list of things to keep the typical forest girl occupied during such season. Enjoy!
  1. Visit your thrift store
  2. Coordinate summer outfits (Click here to see how to coordinate in the summer)
  3. Try out different sun hats
  4. Incorporate sailor themed stripes to your outfit
  5. Visit the beach in your favorite mori summer outfit
  6. Do the Mori Girl 30 Day Question Challenge (Click here for challenge)
  7. Do more Mori Girl Challenges (Click here for more)
  8. Have your hair up in a high pony tail or braid (tie it up with some ribbons or lace)
  9. Buy a folding fan for the heat. Choose one that best fits your coordinate
  10. Watch some vintage movies
  11. Relax by the ocean/ lake
  12. Collect shells
  13. Taking a nap on a hammock
  14. Star/ cloud gazing while lying in the grass
  15. Watching the sun set
  16. Watching the sun rise
  17. Pick wild flowers, press and save them in a scrap book
  18. Swim in the ocean/ lake
  19. Go for a hike or walk on the beach
  20. Walk bare foot in the sand/ grass
  21. Read an underground novel
  22. Create your summer playlist (Click here for my mori summer playlist)
  23. Dress in Hama Kei
  24. Write a message in a bottle and send it off
  25. Fly a kite
  26. Go for a bike ride
  27. Feed ducks/ birds
  28. Spend some time in the library
  29. Do some crafts (embroidery, knitting, jewelry making, doll making, etc.)
  30. Have a early morning walk by lake/ ocean
  31. Try different teas and herbs
  32. Draw or write out in a quiet park or beach/ lake
  33. Try out different natural ingredients for treatment (hair, face, skin, etc.)
  34. Create a mori summer scrap book
  35. Visit a historical site or museum 
  36. Have a picnic in a calm, quiet place
  37. Berry picking
  38. Summer cleaning
  39. Send a a summer themed package to a penpal
  40. Visit the forest and carve your name on a tree